About Prizgar Gonzales


    My love for writing took root in the 1960’s as a young man, a just landed immigrant from Trinidad, in New York City. During the day Trinidad immigrants like myself filled the countless back office jobs Wall Street offered. On evenings and weekends, in the sanctuary of Greenwich Village cafés, I relished and devoured New York’s newspaper columnists, Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin.
    Adrift in the bookshops of Greenwich Village I discovered my love for reading books. Arguably, the most famous bookstore in the world, the Strand Book Store, situated on Broadway and 12th Street, a couple blocks from my flat, is where I studied. The first book I read in New York City was Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Narcissus and Goldmund, another book by Hesse, also greatly influenced my love for reading and writing.
  My first publish work was an assignment from the Daily Challenge, a Brooklyn daily, reviewing films. Changing scenes, I left  New York City, in 1993, and moved to Chicago.

    In Chicago, where I reside with the love of my life, my wife Veela, I blossomed as a writer and book publisher. Afrique, a free weekly news magazine, gave me the platform to write a weekly column. The Chicago Defender offered me the freedom to interview and review published authors. I joined Ras Sekou Tafari, owner/founder of Frontline Books and together we produced and published a respectable and enduring body of work. I can still recall the joy when we received our first check from the new internet start-up, Amazon.

    Currently, my life is focused on writing, speaking and consulting on the topic of Doing Business With China.